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Heading out for a day walk in a wild area? Find our handy quick check list below.

Items in your rucksack:

      • Water (enough for the day and extra)
      • Torches / Headlamps(2x, check batteries)
      • MultiTool with pocket knife
      • Planned food for the day
      • 1 x Emergency Food per person or MRE’S
      • First Aid Kit
      • Compass
      • Emergency blanket (1 per person)
      • Lighter and box of matches
      • Area map
      • Long cord or rope / paracord bracelet
      • Waterproof pack away jacket
      • A small mirror to reflect the sun. (easy to see from the air on a clear day)
      • Cell phone registed with 999 (UK. And if no signal, you are otherwise prepared with the above items.

What to wear:

Warm days / cold nights

Comfortable walking clothes, breathable and cool. Pack set of base layers, 1 pair of warm socks, warm pack-away jacket or something light in weight, but with good insulation. Below 14C nights, you may need more than a jumper/t-shirt depending on wind factor. Pack-away waterproof rain jacket should always be in your pack no matter where you are, as any wet clothing can lead to hypothermia upon temperature change.   Also, make sure your day pack is waterproof or you have a waterproof cover. A bright orage cover can also be seen easy from the air.

Hot days / warm nights:

Comfortable walking clothes, breathable and cool. If there is any potential for rain, have a pack-away rain jacket ready.

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