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12 January 2018

2018 is set to be our biggest and most adventure packed year yet so we though we’d kick it off by introducing the third of our new brand ambassadors…Kushtrim Susuri.

Kushtirm is a recent law graduate with a lifelong passion for adventure and a talent for outdoor photography. Having gotten a taste for the outdoors while living in South Dakota, USA, Kushtrim has since moved back to his native Kosovo and can usually be found wandering in the Sharr Mountain range.

We caught up with him to find out what he loves most about the great outdoors…

What does it mean to you to be one of five first official Highlander Ambassadors?

It’s such an honour for me! I’m so pleased and grateful for the support that I’ve had so far. I’m really looking forward to collaborating a lot more and doing great things together.

Who and what inspire you to live the lifestyle you do?

Quite simply, unspoiled nature is what inspires me most. Every time I see the incredible landscapes that nature creates, it makes me think about where I’m going to go and explore next, even before I’m home!

I’m also really inspired by the photographer Chris Burkard.  He’s totally self-taught and his pictures are always layered with power, scale and depth that just make you want to visit every place he’s shot!  

What do you enjoy most about the outdoor life?

The wilderness, and the silence that being immersed in nature can bring.

What is your favourite piece of Highlander gear that you never adventure without?

Without a doubt my karabiner  mug. Mine, which I’ve nicknamed my ‘adventure buddy’, comes on every trip and even makes it into quite a few of my pictures as well!

Highlander Outdoor Brand Ambassador Kushtrum 1

Where is your favourite place you’ve set up camp?

I’ve got two favourites. The first is in the Albanian Accursed Alps which, despite their name, is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled area in that part of the world. The second is on the Ionian Crystal Beaches.

Do you have a favourite, must-cook campfire dinner?

After a days hiking, almost everything is delicious to eat but my favourites are also some of the simplest. You can’t go wrong with a foiled and grilled sandwich, roasted chestnuts, grilled corn and then a banana boat cooked in foil.

Any epic or memorable camp stories?

Some of my friends and I recently camped out in -10 degree temperatures, just to watch the sunrise. It’s not the highest I’ve travelled or the coldest I’ve experienced but sometimes it’s the scenery and who you’re with that makes it epic and that was definitely one of the coolest camping trips I’ve had so far.

Where is your favourite location in the world to travel?

There’s still loads of places in the world that I’d like to visit but my favourites from my travels so far are Switzerland, Iceland and Faroe Islands

Any cool projects coming up that you can share with us?

 I’m really looking forward to doing the ‘Peaks of the Balkans’ an epic trail that takes in three countries: Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro.

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